Months Old

Class Size

Adventure Circuits

Be part of nature and download all the adrenaline with the zip lines

What circuit is better for me?

  • Child Circuit

  • Medium Circuit

  • Extreme Circuit

  • Tirolina Banzai

Children circuit

Children from 4 to 7 years and a maximum height of 1.30 m. without harness and safety mesh with a duration of 40 min.

Medium circuit

Minimum height 1.20 m. accompanied by an adult, or 1,30m. alone. 110K.A maximum weight from 8 years, lastin.

 Extreme circuit

Minimum height 1.40 m. accompanied by an adult, or 1.50 m. only, from 8 years, with a minimum weight of 45kgs and 110kgs maximum lasting an hour and a half approx.

Banzai tirolina

From 8 years, with a minimum weight of 45 kg. And a maximum weight of 110 kg. With a circulation of 150 m. of cable.

What do you have to take into account to spend a day full of adventures?

  • Comfortable shoes

  • Use of gloves

  • Check the schedules

  • Online booking

Comfortable shoes

The use of comfortable footwear is recommended, in which the foot is well supported.

Use of gloves

The use of gloves during the circuit is recommended.


Before coming check our schedule and make a reservation.

Online booking

It is recommended to make a previous reservation online or by phone.