Catalunya en Miniatura is a company founded in 1983 by the family Ercilla to promote this theme park scale models.

Dianova is an international NGO with consultative status at the United Nations (ECOSOC) which operates in 12 countries in America and Europe with innovative programs and projects in education, youth, addiction prevention, as well as in areas of social and community development. www.dianova.org

The park opened May 1983 with the aim of creating a representative map of the highlights of Catalonia, declared of National Tourist Interest

Years later, in December 2008 he joined facilities circuits vertical, aerial forest adventure with zip lines that allows visitors to enjoy all kinds of activities between nature before or after the visit to circuit models.

In March 2012, Dianova bought 51% of the shares of the family business making a bet in the park as a new source of income to spend on their projects, making this merger a majority partner.

This is an innovative company bet model 3.0. fruit of the business combination between a private company and an ONG.