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Miniature Park

The exhibition of models is a map of Catalonia of 25,000m2 of “Real” reality, where you will become a giant and on a pleasant walk in the heart of nature you will be able to discover geography, architecture and culture.




The exhibition We will observe models from the Gothic, Romanesque and Modernism or the most modern infrastructures. The Plaza Sant Jaume with the Generalitat and the City Hall, the Cathedral, the Plaza del Rey, an authentic jewel of the city, La Sagrada Familia, the Monserrat mountain, Camp Nou, Rupit, Columbus Monument, you will visit the entire province of Barcelona in a short time less than half an hour.

You will visit the province of Girona, highlighting the Monastery of Sant Pere de Roda, “the Colossus of Cape Creus”, the Costa Brava and its beaches, as well as the mountain area with the ski resorts of the Pyrenees. In addition, among others, you can see a model of the Santa María de Girona, known as the Girona Cathedral, with three architectural styles; Baroque, Romanesque and Gothic.

We represent this province and you can see the Romanesque complex of the Vall de Boí, declared a World Heritage Site, highlighting the Pyrenees and ski resorts. You can find a giant snail, where the most daring do not miss the opportunity to get on and take a photo, video and take an original souvenir. This time, it is not a miniature, since we represent the popular tradition of the Cargol festival.


Gaudí Coner

The art of model making

We will see on the walk, from the Roman complex of Tarraco, to the petrochemical industry, its Cathedral and highlight its Costa Dorada. We will also be able to listen to Gregorian chants, since we have the three monasteries of the Cistercian Route, the Royal Monastery of Santes Creus, “heaven and earth”, the Royal Monastery of Santa Maria de Vallbona “the beauty of simplicity” and the Royal Monastery of Santa Maria de Poblet, “the monastery of the kings”.

We represent the remarkable works of Antonio Gaudí of the artist, with the fidelity and appreciation he deserves for this reason, you will be able to admire the Cathedral of Mallorca, the Balearic Islands located in the Mediterranean Sea and a set of three models located geographically in the north of the peninsula , Casa Botines, Episcopal Palace of Astorga and El Capricho.

The models that we present are built in the factories of Catalunya in miniature, 1.25 and 1.33 scale, the material was initially used wood from 1.990 Polyurethane is used, with different densities.